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Our Profiles:

Pippa Cooper

Pippa is a Business Psychologist specialising in HR and development, performance measurement, psychometric assessment, organisational change, coaching & career management. She has over 18 years experience working within the Investment Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, IT and Media sectors, both as a consultant and head of department.

Pippa was Head of HR and Training for Nomura International and prior to this was Deputy Head of HR and Head of European Training at Chemical Bank where she was instrumental in the implementation of cultural change programmes, competency based appraisal and selection systems and attitude surveys.

In ’97 she joined F&C managing the HR & Training Department and following Eureko’s purchase spent an intensive 2 year period co-ordinating the integration of Friends First in Ireland, BCP in Portugal, and Achmea in the Netherlands. Pippa has also undertaken a number of International assignments across East Europe, Africa and Middle East. During the Gulf war she was responsible for the counselling of staff held hostage in Kuwait and Iraq.

She has an honours degree in Occupational Psychology, a post-grad diploma in Manpower Studies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development.

Pippa is currently working on an Associate basis as the HR Director for OC&C Strategy Consultants and is also an Associate of PRPi click below to visit their website.

Mary Nelson

In recent years her coaching work has centred around City Lawyers and senior executives in Financial Services; who have come from organisations in Global Retail Banking, Asset Management, Investment Banking and Insurance. She has also worked in the Engineering and Transport sectors, enhancing performance with both individuals and their teams. Her approach to personal development entails the use of carefully chosen psychometric instruments, and often involves 360 degree feedback. Other projects have included assessments within a company to match the potential of individuals to possible career paths within the organisation.

For most of the past twelve years Mary has worked as an Occupational Psychology Consultant, apart from three years during which she set up and ran the Psychological Services for a newly founded Human Resources Consultancy. Before pursuing her career in consultancy and after research fellowships at Birmingham University, she was head of Personnel Research in an HR Department of a major insurance company. Here she managed professional staff undertaking a variety of projects at a time of considerable organisational change.

Mary graduated with a B.Sc from London University (L.S.E.) and has an M.Sc. from Birmingham University.

Jane Wells

Jane has had 18 years’ experience as a Development and Training professional, largely in the Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Finance sectors. She has extensive experience of coaching individuals to develop their skills and confidence for the benefit of themselves and the organisation. Prior to this, she was a Senior Manager running a Training and Development function in Nortel, where she had previously held a range of roles such as Senior Specialist - Leadership Development and Career Development Manager. Jane also worked for ICL Management training, with specific responsibility for designing and running Assessment Centres and ‘soft’ skills training.

She is an experienced facilitator of development events and has designed and implemented numerous management and skills programmes at all organisational levels. Jane is also experienced in coaching individuals to enable them to apply their knowledge practically and develop their skills and confidence for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.

Jane also has experience in designing competency based processes and products such as Assessment Centres, Criterion Based Interviews, Development Guides and Personal and Career Development workshops. Jane has run assessment events for selection and development,as well as training assessors and coaching managers to develop their staff.

Karen McPherson

Karen has an MA Honours degree and joined Shell International where she spent 10 years in human resources and industrial relations. In 1983 she moved to Australia working for eight years as the group executive for HR and Strategic Planning at Edward Lumley Ltd and consulting with Towers Perrin specialising in organisational change and communications.

Karen returned to Europe and spent the next 12 years working in investment banking and investment management human resources working for Chemical Bank, JP Morgan and F&C Management Limited. As a Chemical Bank steering committee member she was instrumental in the successful European integration of Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover. At JP Morgan she led the transfer and integration of the European markets branch network.

As HR Director at F&C Management Limited, Karen worked with the major shareholder, Hypo-Vereinsbank Board, on the creation of remuneration policies for the asset management division for the merged bank. Karen left F&C to go into consulting and was retained by F&C as a Non Executive Director, and member of the Remuneration Committee positions she still holds.

Karen formed Potential Unlimited in 2000 which provides advice on executive coaching and mentoring, change management, leadership and performance development to a range of clients in the financial services sector including JPMorgan , Lehman , HBOS, HSBC, Citicorp group, BNPParibas, Achmea , Eureko and XL Insurance.

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper is Insight 2’s Business Development and Client Liaison Director. He has been working with the firm, in a part time capacity for a number of years and has been instrumental in Insight 2’s expansion into new business areas.

In December 04 he decided to leave the City to join Insight 2 full time to develop our online e-learning capabilities, particularly focusing on Aviation Security.

Brian has spent the last 18 years working within the financial sector as an Investment Banker for Chase and JP Morgan. He has degree in Chemistry and received a scholarship to complete an MBA at Edinburgh University. Prior to this he worked as a teacher in Barcelona.

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